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 Side mirrors

 Created by: KimB
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May 14, 2023 04:13PM scooperman  
May 13, 2023 08:32AM KimB  
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 Posted: May 14, 2023 04:13PM
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seen a few early Minis with bike mirrors, I think they attach to the body seam, a cool modern look but I dont know if you can see anything. Bill Sollis showed examples in his Building a Race Mini book, I bet Google finds plenty.  I searched for these a while back and they were stupic expensive.

When I got my C Sedan Mini in 79, it had a mirror which was actually useful, set and forget and you can see what is back there, with a Wink on the cage roof bar dont need a passenger side mirror.  It is door mounted, and looks like a baby version of the aero classic Vitaloni Sebring, not flush mounted but on a 1" arm off a base mount.  You used to see the bigger chrome Sebrings mounted on stands, lifted up high over the fenders of Can-Am cars. On mine, the arm has a single-axis pivot top and a matching pivot bottom, so you can get a wide arc positioning of the entire mirror body, after which you adjust the mirror glass which is on a single central pivot inside its aero housing.  Never seen them on any car since.  Now working on a 66 S fun car and thought I would like the same mirror for both sides, finally found a near-equivalent on Ebay out of Italy, grabbed a couple while I could but these are flush-mounted.  Might do that for the smooth look, but if I cant see what I want without moving my head, just moving my eyeballs, I probably will fab short arm mounts to get the two pivot positioning I have on the racecar.

 Posted: May 13, 2023 08:32AM
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My Mk I bitsa has no side mirrors.  Don't want wing mirrors.  and am not excited about drilling the doors to mount anything.  So the two solutions would seem be the ones that clamp on the seam or using the window latch.  The seam mirrors are all marked 'right side only' and I am a LHD.  Anyone tried the right side only mirror on the left?  Assume they are angled for the right and it is not as simple as flipping them over?  I have seen a couple mini's with the mirror stud replacing the bolt for the front window latch.   Anyone have experience with doing that? Not sure I even need one but a little something to help me spot the SUV's might be useful.......