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 MK1 fresh air heater blower wheel

 Created by: scooperman
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Oct 2, 2023 10:23AM Kermy  
Aug 29, 2023 05:40AM scooperman  
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 Posted: Oct 2, 2023 10:23AM
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Later heaters have 2 impellers and blow much more air, so just replace the heater box with a later one.

 Posted: Aug 29, 2023 05:40AM
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I still use the old Seven Enterprises and Mini City parts books for quick reference while working on the car, dont have to fire up the laptop or struggle with phone searching (where did I put the phone?). I am restoring my 1966 fresh air heater and wondered if there might be a better wheel than the 1950s design squirrel cage, and sure enough there was one in the old 7ent catalog for a while:

But that is an obsolete part now.  So I contacted the designer of my Nash fan, a modern design cooling fan for the old Corvair which is a lot better (like 10hp less power loss at 6000 rpm, and it actually obeys the theoretical fan laws) than the GM design from 1959.  I sent him a picture of the stock Mini heater fan wheel and the 7ent "high output fan" advert, here is what he said:

"They had some odd ideas about what was important with fan designs in the 1950's. They used to think that making "velocity" pressure
was what mattered the most, so then the fan that did that the best is a "forward curved" fan, which is what that [the stock fan] is if it is rotating clockwise as viewed in the picture. The bugger with those things is they waste a huge amount of power for the job, and are speed sensitive... a little too slow and they stall, a little faster and they are out of stall but then the pressure isnt that good. They put a lot of blades on those kind and are skinny. A backward curved one (like the "high output" one pictured) are much better at making pressure, and have a wide range of speeds."

Good info so off I went searching the internet.  I found a lot of blower wheels that could fit where the stock fan lives, but they all look like regular old squirrel cage fans.  So now to my question...

Anybody know where to find one of these "high output" fans?