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 2001 R50 clam key fob help

 Created by: JamHandy
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Oct 25, 2023 01:30PM JamHandy  
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 Posted: Oct 25, 2023 01:30PM
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I bought my mini used and it came with 2 keys but no fob or remote key. The key on the left only unlocks the driver door and the key on the right only turns the ignition and starts car. I came to the conclusion that the small key must be part of a key fob so i searched ebay and found a clam shaped fob advertised as a gen 1 mini fob working condition. I have tried pairing the fob to the car using 2 methods i found online without any success. First tried turning key to position 1 then removing then holding unlock on fob and pressing lock 3 times and also turning ignition 4 times before trying the same process. Is there a way thats specific for the 3 button clam or have i got it wrong and the lock has been changed in driver door with used lock that came with small key and the fob operates on the wrong frequency?
Any help much appreciated
Many thanks