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 Stalls at idle

 Created by: Frogeyeandmini
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 Posted: Nov 11, 2023 08:37AM
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X2 on Jim and Alex's comments, and, Just in case, check all of your hard plastic vacuum lines for their full lengths. I've seen how the heat can degrade the plastic, how the tube can crack due to stress, and it may only show up intermittently. While off of the car, I've taken to wiggling the tube while under vacuum to try to find the leak. Here in the U.S.A., the HELP / MotorMite / Dorman sections of auto parts stores will often have the HD version of the plastic tube and elbows and fittings. Best of luck, MSH

All Together Now.... Everybody......
 Posted: Nov 10, 2023 02:49AM
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Expanding on Jim's post, there are a bunch of vacuum tubes on an SPI and they are prone to failing/popping off.

From memory there are four of them - air filter, air filter to manifold, manifold to fuel trap, fuel trap to the ECU.

If any one of them is missing or leaking, it will lead to very poor running.  My JDM SPi stalled and had horrible slow running - the pipe to the ECU  had popped off.

 Posted: Nov 9, 2023 07:35PM
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Did you replace all the elbows? About 7 of them.

 Posted: Nov 9, 2023 03:53PM
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So I have a second 1996 SPI JDM mini.  She starts right up and idles just fine.  letting her idle and warm up she stalls.  Turning the ignition key she fires right up but will stall at idle, she is fine if I keep the RPM at 2000 or above.  Any ideas?