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 OT 60 years ago today The Beatles landed in America

 Created by: 6464s
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Feb 9, 2024 11:36AM robertm  
Feb 7, 2024 04:09AM 6464s Edited: Feb 10, 2024 06:00PM 
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 Posted: Feb 9, 2024 11:36AM
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Oh cool!
I'm reading John Lennon's Biography by Philip Norman.
It's a big book and right now I'm at the point nearing the end of 1963 and its BeatleMania in the UK.
They broke up before I was born but only by a little bit before.

Thanks for marking the occasion.


 Posted: Feb 7, 2024 04:09AM
 Edited:  Feb 10, 2024 06:00PM
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Where did the time go. For those that were not around during the early & mid sixties, the mini was taking off; entering and winning rallies; made Paddy Hopkirk a household name by winning the 1964 Monte Carlo rally. The Beatles popped onto the world music scene and changed it forever; 73 million households in America tuned into the Ed Sullivan Show Sunday night Feb 9. The bikini and the mini skirt became the fashion statement. What else...