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Classic Mini brake master cylinders for 1959 thru 2000 models including Cooper S

Classic Mini brake master cylinders for 1959 thru 2000 models including Cooper S

Classic Mini brake master cylinders for 1959 thru 2000 models including Cooper S

The master cylinder is the heart of any hydraulic system and the hardest to troubleshoot. A pedal that can be slowly pushed to the floor indicates the master cylinder is worn. Fluid dripping off either the brake or clutch pedal is a sure sign that the respective master cylinder is leaking.

The "single line" brake master was the standard in all Minis from 1959 thru 1977.  With it's .70 bore it has replaced the few earlier models with slightly different bore size.  The single line master is easy to identify as it has but one brake line as the output. The size of the brake reservoir was changed over the years for disc brakes with a slightly larger version but they are operationally identical.  The latest version of these single line master cylinders are available in original metal reservoirs or the updated plastic type.

The later models that use a dual line output have under gone many changes over the years but now must all be replaced by the GMC227 master for all except those Mini with a Brake servo attached directly to the master cylinder.

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