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Smoothcase Gearbox Front Cover W/Seal, 948cc Sprites + RHD Morris Minors

Smoothcase Gearbox Front Cover W/Seal, 948cc Sprites + RHD Morris Minors

Smoothcase Gearbox Front Cover W/Seal, 948cc Sprites + RHD Morris Minors

Smoothcase Gearbox Front Cover W/Seal, 948cc Sprites + RHD Morris Minors

Smoothcase Gearbox Front Cover W/Seal, 948cc Sprites + RHD Morris Minors
Selected: Smoothcase Sprite & Midget, also RHD 948cc Morris
Part No: C-2A3087
This Item has a $35.00 core charge.
Fits the following:
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor

When oil leaks from the front of the tranny not only does the garage floor suffer but often you clutch is affected. The stock seal is merely a reverse metal spiral. As these are now over 20 years old they typically must be totally replaced to fix the problem. New front covers and gears are very expensive if you can find them, thus Mini Mania has developed a modern rubber seal replacement! Our modified front cover can be directly installed with no other modifications. A core charge will be charged when placing an order to be refunded when we receive a good serviceable core.

This cover fits Sprite and Midgets with the 948cc smoothcase gearbox, or a right hand drive Morris Minor 948cc with the smoothcase.

I recently purchase a 1960 Frogeye/Bugeye Sprite whose gearbox is noisy and which has selector problems. So I have acquired a ribbedcase gearbox from a later 1275cc Sprite. I have watched a Youtube video thank one of your staff did on making this gearbox switch. From it I understand the main changes needed are to fit this front cover from the smoothcase box which has the correct fulcrum arm and a bored to 0.825" cavity for selectors to fit into to allow working gear selection. Can you please confirm this is correct before I go ahead and place an order.
I'm assuming the engine and clutch are still 948cc? The engine backplate needs to be the thicker 1275 type. The smoothcase front covers can be used if machined for the shift rod clearance - but I would think the ribcase front cover, 22G118, should work with the earlier clutch as long as you use the smoothcase bearing release fork and 948cc release bearing.
That would be the way I would first attempt the conversion.

 But since doing the video, I have heard from a number of folks who say the cover doesn't matter, just the fork and release bearing type (and the thicker engine backplate). But, it is true that the pivot point will be slightly different. The jury's out as to whether this actually makes any difference or not - some claim it does, other's say not. I heard some old racecar drivers claim they don't change the ribcase boxes at all but just put the thick backplate on a 948 and that's it. It's just not something I've verified myself. So while using the ribcase front cover probably works, using the correct smoothcase cover, release fork and release bearing with the clutch package they were designed for is probably the best way to go especially if, as you mention, you're not doing the work yourself but paying to have it done. But the 1275 backplate will need to be used for sure. While it's possible to mate the ribcase to the thinner 948 backplate (as I did in the video) if the pilot bush in the back of the 948 crank is worn out - a properly installed new pilot bush seems to prevent this. The fitment doesn't really work without using the thicker backplate the ribcase was designed for. I only noticed later after the video was done that the pilot bush in the engine you see in the video was actually coming apart and that probably explained why the input shaft was able to go that far into the back of the 948 crank. At some point I plan on re-shooting that video and making a few of the points more clear. 


Ant any rate, we do offer the smoothcase covers machined for the shift rod(s) and installed with a rubber seal. And yes, when these are used it's best to drill the bell housing for the two holes at the top for the studs which are missing. Right now we'll need to locate a couple of more front cover cores to send off for machining, however. You could send me your smoothcase cover for modification if you're in hurry. Otherwise it may take some time to locate more cores.

There is one more idea I may suggest if maintaining some originality is part of your goal. There's a place in the UK called Heathrow Transmissions that can put the ribcase internals inside a smoothcase box. The thick backplate is still fitted on the engine but outwardly these appear more original than ribcase. Just a thought.

We don't have any covers as all of the last covers we had are sold. So, we'll need to see if we can get more soon.
But, your plan will work. However, it's imperative to use the ribcase shift lever on the ribcase box otherwise it will not shift correctly. We don't sell them as we need them for the rebuilds we do here.

Spridget Mania Tech Team

The Spridget Parts and Accessories Experts