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Mini & Mini Cooper Final Drive Kit 2.76 Ratio 58/21

Mini & Mini Cooper Final Drive Kit 2.76 Ratio 58/21

Mini & Mini Cooper Final Drive Kit 2.76 Ratio 58/21
Part No: CWP2.76
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
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Used Diff Assy 2.76 Pot Complete
$353.98 Used Diff Assy 2.76 Pot Complete
Many of the later Minis produced by the factory were done so with economy of operation as the primary objective. And the use of very tall final drives ratios was one of the answers. The 2.76 ring and pinion is the tallest ever installed as stock in a Mini. The real benefit to may of us is not the economy but the ability to maintain some very high highway speeds without having to keep the engine RPMs at a life draining 5 to 6K range. A stock 60s and 70s "S" had a 3.44 final drive. A change to the 2.76 will result in a RPM drop at 65MPH of about 1,000 RPM. Or at the same RPM instead of 65MPH you would be doing almost 80MPH.
Will this final drive fit my pre-A plus transmission? Or what would have to be done to make this fit?
You will have to do a little grinding on the 3rd motion retainer but it can be made to fit with a little fussing! 

Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Experts

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