This kit contains:-
                         1    3/4" diameter bar
                         2    alloy sliding blocks
                         2    spacer tubes
                         4    5/16"x5/16" female rose joints
                         2    pieces thread studding
                         4    5/16" UNF lock nuts
                         2    5/16"x2" cap head bolts
                         2    5/16"x3" cap head bolts
                         2    5/16" nyloc nuts
                         2    pairs mounting blocks
                         4    1/4"x2" UNF cap head bolts
                         4    1/4" plain washers
                         4    1/4" UNF nyloc nuts
                         2    1/4"x3/4" UNC bolts

Remove rear wheels and brake drums. Replace rear-most brake back plate holding bolt with the 3"x5/16" UNF cap head bolt provided. Slide on spacer tube, then rose-joint, and 5/16 UNF nyloc nut.

Slide alloy blocks onto each end of the bar and fit to hanging rose joints using 2"x5/16" cap head bolts provided, ensuring the bar goes around the back of the car. Assemble mounting blocks to bar, line up with the outer edges of the subframe. Mark holes to be drilled (1/4" diameter). Release and drill holes.

Assemble blocks and bar to subframe using 2"x1/4" cap head bolts, plain washers and nyloc nuts provided. DO NOT overtighten these bolts as they will pull through the blocks.

Set alloy sliding block to forward-most position (weakest setting) and check all nuts and bolts are done up. Ensure that the bar and links are not fouling anywhere. With the car on its wheels the anti-roll bar should not be under tension. If it is, adjust by screwing the rose joints on or off the link stud until length is correct to give no tension on the bar. Slide block is located on bar by locking 1/4"x3/4" UNC bolt up. To increase bar stiffness, slide blocks towards back of car. Ensure blocks are set at equal lengths from end of bar.