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Classic Mini Cooper Race & Rallying Parts - Chapter 13 Pages 42-43

MINI Catalog Page 13-43
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Automatic securon seat belt.
Static securon seat belt.
3 point fixing rally harness, 4 point fixing rally harness- MSA1110
This the original copy of the heavy lamp bar fitted to the Abingdon Special Tuning works cars. It is sold only as a bar with the 3 chrome brackets.
Budget lightweight version of the above in black powder coated finish.
Original works quick lift jacking brackets. Two were fitted to both the front and rear about 12" apart from the center, which meant the car could quickly be raised by an over center quick lift jack as used by Formula One Teams.
Original type leather bonnet strap, alloy fastening, and sold complete with screws.
Towing Eye hooks, replaces bolt that holds front subframe to front panel.
Original Special Tuning alloy heavy duty alternator bracket. Only fits Pre A- Plus engines.
Seat adjusting bracket. Two per seat.
10  SEAT 08  
Seat subframes are not supplied with seats and are available as follows.
11  SEAT 09  
Mini tailored seat subframe. Mini tailored seat subframe with locking mechanism to fit floor loops as fitted on late cars.-l/h-SEAT10LEFT, r/h-SEAT10RIGHT
12  MOC10ROW  
10 row oil cooler.
13  C-ARH221  
13 row oil cooler as fitted to Cooper 'S'.
14  C-RO9809  
16 row oil cooler for competition use.
15  21A1794  
Original oil cooler brackets to fit on front subframe sold singly. (Check clearance on latest cars.)
16  C-AHT4-MINI  
Braided oil cooler pipes, Mini Clubman and specials usually have the longer pipe kit and the standard Mini the shorter pipe kit, all unions included for easy fitment.MOC100102-CLUBMAN , C-AHT4-MINI
17  P1079  
Oil Cooler Shroud for cold weather driving.
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