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Classic Mini Cooper Oil Pump / Pressure Valve, Dipsticks

MINI Catalog Page 2-35
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Part No



CAM6614MS 1
Oil pump slot drive turbo
MG Turbo
AHU1048-MS 1
Oil pump slot drive
A-Plus 1300cc
C-AEG412 1
Sureflow slot drive
A-Plus 1300cc
GLP139 1
Oil pump slot drive small bore
A-Plus except 1300cc
C-AEG413 1
Sureflow slot drive small bore
A-Plus 998cc
CHM140 1
Oil pump star drive (2 bolt fitting) 1275cc
Hoburn Eaton
12G793 1
Oil pump pin drive, 850/998/1000cc
C-AEG410 1
Sureflow oil pump pin drive was AEG410
GLP107 1
Automatic oil pump was 12G796
Pre ‘A’ plus
GLP113 1
Automatic oil pump was 12A1979
‘A’ plus
12G730B 1
Oil pump gasket
Was 88G411
Oip pump spacer. Use to convert auto block
12G926 1
Locktab for pin drive pumps
12G2097 1
Locktab for spider type pump (Long)
Concentric type only
12G2098 1
Locktab for spider type pump (Short)
Concentric type only
12H865 1
Plug, Oil Pressure Pluger
BLS916 1
Ball bearing, use with AEA536
Alternative to valve
AEA536 1
Oil valve spring
6K853 1
Spring, 60 lbs. Oil Pressure
10  6K431 1
Copper washer
11  12A1851 1
Nut cap
12  12A116 1
Dipstick (also use when 12G107 is fitted)
850cc with no tube
13  12G107 1
Dipstick tube, nylon (use 12A116 with nylon tube)
13  12A1261 1
Dipstick tube, metal (use LQM100380 with metal tube)
Available again!
14  AEC671 1
Dipstick seal for 12A116
15  12A263 1
1275 & A-Plus
16  6K464 1
Washer for oil priming hole
When applicable
17  2A797 1
Oil pressure relief seating in block
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