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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper Engine Components Cylinder Head

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Classic Mini Cooper Engine Components Cylinder Head

MINI Catalog Page 2-33
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Part No



  FP26 1
Flat ribbed top alloy rocker cover
  ST135 1
“Morris” valve cover plate (sticker)
  DECAL01 1
“Austin” valve cover plate
  ST136 1
“Austin” valve cover sticker
  10M214-PATPLATE 1
Valve cover patent plate
  DECAL09 1
Morris Metal Valve Cover Plate
12A1530 1
Rocker cover, closed circuit breather
Not 11 stud heads (‘S’)
LDR10074 1
Rocker cover
1985 on
CAM6822 1
Alloy rocker cover
MG Metro/Turbo
CAM6822 1
Slanted top “Minifin” alloy rocker cover
GFE6007 1
Rocker cap (Red)
Use on CAM6822
GFE6003 1
Rocker cap with strap
Closed breathing type
13H2296 1
Rocker cap, without strap
Closed breathing type
12A402 1
Rocker cap, non breather type
early non breather type
12A1358 2
Rubber bush
1A2156 2
Seal cup washer
WB6 1
Seal cup washer polyeurethane (pair)
1A2156/C 2
Washer chrome
Also as kit SAC71L only
SAC71L 1
Rocker cover hardware kit chrome
1B2925/C 2
Spacer chrome
Also as kit SAC71L only
1B2925 2
Distance piece
2A150 2
Nut cap
CAM6823 2
Nut cap chrome
Also as kit SAC71L only
GEG401 1
Rocker cover gasket
Except ‘S’
GEG417 1
Rocker cover gasket
All ‘S’ (11 stud head)
10  12G103 1
Thermostat housing
Plus T.B.I.
11  12A408 1
Tapped thermostat housing
11  PEQ10019 1
Tapped thermostat housing, Cooper 1300cc HIF44
With catalyst
11  PEQ10010 1
Tapped thermostat housing, HIF38 (12AG03/4 engine)
For MAQ10002 switch
12  PEM10036 1
Sandwich plate, with radiator fixing lug (HIF44 Cooper)
With catalyst 1300cc
12  PEG10002 1
Sandwich plate, with radiator fixing lug
For PEQ10010 housing
13  GTG101 A/R
Thermostat gasket
16  GTS102 1
Thermostat 71° (160F)
16  GTS104 1
Thermostat 82° (180F)
16  GTS106 1
Thermostat 88° (190F)
1975 on
17  2A243 1
Cylinder head bypass adaptor short
NLA use 12A2075
17  12A2075 1
Cylinder head bypass adaptor long
18  12A1093/MS 1
Bypass hose fluted
18  AEG484 1
Bypass hose straight
19  3H2963 2
Hose clip
20  CAM4126 1
Blanking plug for by pass hose
When required
21  CC6 2
Clip for CAM4126, (alternative clip 3H2963)
When required
22  ADP210 1
Plug, for thermal transmitter hole, cyl/head or 12A408
23  1B3664 1
Washer for ADP210
24  GTR101MS 1
Temperature transmitter, alternative to GTR143/GTR102
24  GTR104 1
Temperature transmitter, Cooper ‘S’ to 1971
24  GTR101-MS 1
Temperature transmitter, Cooper 1989 on
24  GRT185 1
Temperature transmitter, fuel injected TBI 10/91 on
25  MAQ10002 1
Switch in thermostat housing for direct feed from vac unit
12A G03/4 Engine
26  MAW10001 1
Seal for vacuum switch
27  BP6ES -NGK  
Spark plug
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