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Oil Pump / Pressure Valve, Dipsticks - Chapter 2 Pages 34-35
MINI Catalog Page 2-35
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  BLS916 1
Ball bearing, use with AEA536
Alternative to valve
  Pin drive pumps fitted to early Minis and ‘S’ had the same internals, the shaft on the ‘S’ was longer to accommodate the block. Sureflow pumps do not give higher oil pressure, but maintain constant pressure under arduous use, such as race or rallying.
CAM6614 1
Oil pump slot drive turbo
MG Turbo
CAM6614MS 1
Oil pump slot drive turbo
AHU1048 1
Oil pump slot drive
A-Plus 1300cc
C-AEG412 1
Sureflow slot drive
A-Plus 1300cc
GLP139 1
Oil pump slot drive small bore
A-Plus except 1300cc
C-AEG413 1
Sureflow slot drive small bore
A-Plus 998cc
CHM140 1
Oil pump star drive (2 bolt fitting) 1275cc
Hoburn Eaton
C-AEG411 1
Sureflow oil pump star drive 4 bolt fitting 1275cc
12G793 1
Oil pump pin drive, 850/998/1000cc
C-AEG414 1
Sureflow pin drive except 1275cc and ‘S’
C-AEG410 1
Sureflow oil pump pin drive was AEG410
GLP107 1
Automatic oil pump was 12G796
Pre ‘A’ plus
GLP113 1
Automatic oil pump was 12A1979
‘A’ plus
12G730B 1
Oil pump gasket
Was 88G411
Oip pump spacer. Use to convert auto block
12G926 1
Locktab for pin drive pumps
12G2097 1
Locktab for spider type pump (Long)
Concentric type only
12G2098 1
Locktab for spider type pump (Short)
Concentric type only
12H865 1
Valve oil release
6K653 1
Oil valve spring
AEA536 1
Oil valve spring
10  6K431 1
Copper washer
11  12A1851 1
Nut cap
12  12A116 1
Dipstick (also use when 12G107 is fitted)
850cc with no tube
13  12G107 1
Dipstick tube, nylon (use 12A116 with nylon tube)
13  12A1261 1
Dipstick tube, metal (use LQM100380 with metal tube)
Available again!
13  12g107 1
Dipstick tube, nylon
14  AEC671 1
Dipstick seal for 12A116
15  12A263 1
1275 & A-Plus
16  6K464 1
Washer for oil priming hole
When applicable
17  2A797 1
Oil pressure relief seating in block
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