Application Instructions for Part #DAF105120 - Classic Mini Union Jack Roof Decal

Finished result
Parts included in decal kit
Items needed: car wash, clean water, soap spray, squeegee, silicon remover/grease remover

1. Do not apply while car is in direct sun.
2. Clean thoroughly
3. Use silicon remover/grease remover
4. Apply thin layer of water
5. Apply small amount of detergent
6. Carefully remove heavy backing from center stripe decal; exposed surface will be sticky.
7. Apply decal at the center of the roof from front to back. You should have help from another person to apply the center stripe.

8. Positioning of center stripe on at center front (left) and rear (right) of the roof. If you have applied detergent in step 5, you will be able to slide the decal slightly to the exact position.
9. Use a squeegee to press decal down FROM THE CENTER OUTWARDS. Press air bubbles out to the sides.
10. Remove transfer paper from decal by pulling backwards, not upwards.
11 & 12. Remove backing paper from blue sections, and apply in each corner of the roof according to the design.

13. Leave space as shown between center stripe and blue sections.
14. Use squeegee to apply decal and remove transfer paper as above.
15 - 18. Apply white stripe sections as directed.
19 & 22. Apply red diagonal stripes as directed.

23 - 30. Repeat application of blue sections and red diagonals for remainder of roof.
31. Use a pin to remove air from any remaining air bubbles under the decal
32. Do not wash your car for 24 hours after decal application.