Finally - a solution to primary gear front bush problems for the large-bore engine.


Countless Mini enthusiasts have been dogged by primary gear bush hassles on 1275-based engines - in particular the one nearest the block (the front one.) Worn bushes are expensive and difficult to replace for the DIY-er because they must be machined to the correct size, a job that needs to be done very accurately - a particular problem for over-seas enthusiasts. Racers from all disciplines are all too familiar with the bush spinning in the gear - usually jamming the gear so no drive gears can be selected, and sometimes rendering the gear useless - replacement of which is very costly.


Mini Mania now offers a bush to solve all these ailments. Manufactured from a special bearing bronze it is a 'fit and forget' item with no machining necessary. The bush is carefully sized to spin within the primary gear and on the crank. You will have no more jammed gears, and it facilitates easy reclamation of gears with worn-out bushes.

Tested over several seasons of race use, it has proven 100% reliable.


Remove old bush - pull it out if it is already partly sticking out or is loose, or use a die grinder to cut through the bush, taking great care not to cut into the journal.

Clean journal with fine abrasive cloth such - as Wet & Dry or aluminum oxide cloth - to remove any surface blemishes, creating a smooth surface for the bush to run on.

Lightly oil bush and insert into journal, then shim primary gear end float in the usual way.