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Material Description

Hawk Brake has utilized world class technology to develop and manufacture superior disc brake and clutch materials for the Automotive/Racing industry.

Hawk products include Ferro-CarbonTM, CarboticTM, Carbon-Carbon and full metallic disc brakes and clutches. Hawk Brake's persistent development of racing friction will not only set new standards, but will also greatly enhance the quality, performance and integrity of your racing programs!

FERRO-CARBONTM Racing Friction

Ferro-CarbonTM is a unique, high-tech friction material developed and manufactured by Hawk Brake for the racing community. All Ferro-CarbonTM materials exhibit non-fade performance and have been evaluated up to and beyond 1,800 degrees F. Each material offers lower wear rates and higher torque values than all other competition materials available on the market today.

Product Line General Description Optimal Temp Range Torque
HT10 Very high torque for the most extreme forms of racing. Lightly climbing mu plot. Excellent pad for high decel open wheel formula cars. Developed with Team Rahal for PPG CART applications. 600F to 1600F 300C to 850C Very High
HT9 Very high torque with superior peak feel. Lower wear rate then HT10 at high temperatures. Designed for Stock Cars and Touring Cars over 3000Lbs. Superior brake modulation characterisitics. 600F to 1600F 300C to 850C Very High
HT8 High torque pad with a flat mu plot. Excellent brake modulation characterisitics. Designed for a wide temperature range where stock rotors and calipers are used. Excellent pad for cross drilled rotors. Low pad and rotor wear rate. Recommended for Showroom 400F to 1400F 200C to 700C High
BLUE MT4 High torque pad designed specifically for Circle Track cars under 2800Lbs. Excellent pad and rotor wear rate. Good brake modulation characterisitics. 400F to 1200F 200C to 640C High
BLUE 9012 Medium/High torque brake compound. A reliable performer with a wide temperatrure range . Low pad and rotor wear rate with good brake modulation characterisitics. Recommended for Road Racing and Rally applications were low to mid temperature effectiveness 100F to 1000F 37C to 530C Medium-High
DR 97 Developed for Drag Racing applications. Exellent dynamic and static coefficient of friction. Low pad and rotor wear rate. Ambient to 900F 0C to 480C Medium-High
BLACK Medium torque compound for Grass Roots Racing. Designed to be a good, all purpose, low cost, racing pad. Recommended for Dirt Circle Track, Dune Buggy, and light duty Road Racing applications. 200F to 900F 92C to 480C Medium
GREY Designed specifically for aluminum rotor applications in the Dirt Circle Track market. 200F to 800F 92C to 420C Medium
HP PLUS High performance street material PLUS race worthy. Very high torque and rotor friendly for the serious street driver. Can also be used for the club events and driving schools. GG Rated GG Rated
HPS High performance street material. Extremely low dust, high friction, rotor friendly, silent running brake pad. Improved performance over OE brake pads. FF Rated FF Rated