Brendan: Hi guys! It's Brendan from Mini Mania and today we're going to swap out the Intercooler on our MINI Cooper Coupe. Now a couple of years ago we had actually put in the Wagner Intercooler, that was the "Track Type", on this car but it was an older design. They've since actually, redesigned their Intercoolers.

We're going to put the Street Intercooler on this car. So while the install isn't exactly the type that you would see if you were removing the Stock Intercooler and replacing it with an Aftermarket, we're going to remove an older Aftermarket one and replace it with the G2NME3161 that you can find on our site.

And that's the 2011 plus Intercooler, the Street Intercooler, so we're going to bring this down to Ryan Gangemie's, down in Auburn California, and we're going to have him swap it out for us. So if you would like to see how that's done you can follow along.

Musical Interlude

Brendan: OK we're down here at Ryan GMW, in Auburn California. We'll put the red Car up in the air and see what we can do about getting the Intercooler installed.


Brendan: Are those are Silicone Hoses?

Ryan: No they're Rubber Hoses-you don't want to use Silicone on Rubber Hoses.


Brendan: He's just tightening the Clamps on those two Radiator Hoses.

Ryan: I always tighten up these Radiator Clamps twice.


Brendan: You got one that fastens the lower to the upper right, right?

Ryan: Right, these two go together and this one holds the upper to the Bumper.

Brendan: And that one holds the upper to the Bumper, OK.


Ryan: I take this cover out to put in the Bulbs and it makes everything a little easier.

Brendan: Makes it a little more room-yeah. There's two other "Push" Fasteners to hold the inner Fender Panels.


Brendan: Most of you are not going to have this Light Bar sticking through your Grille. We just happen to have that, so that is all that Ryan is finishing up on here. It also makes fitting the Grille an awful lot easier without the Lights sticking through and the Brackets to have to mess with.