How to "Comment" on an Article

Thank you for taking the time and interest to learn how to comment on Mini Mania articles.

However, any Questions should be directed to Us, HERE


Before we explain how to leave a comment on an article let's first look at why it's a good idea...

Why it's a Good Idea to Leave Comments on Articles

We feel it's a good idea based on our feedback from our members just like you. For years our members have been telling us how much they enjoy our relevant articles. They have also expressed that they learn from the comments that other community members share as well. So we encourage you to get involved because Mini Mania is more than just a store for Mini Cooper parts and accessories. It's really more "A Community of Mini Enthusiasts". Therefore, your simple involvement in making "comments" on articles makes a big contribution to your fellow Mini enthusiasts.

In Summary

  • Feedback from article readers express they appreciate others comments
  • Your comments encourage others to comment
  • Mini enthusiasts learn from comments from members like you
  • Use comments to share your experience with installation instructions & technical information to help us and others correct or update new information
  • Mini Mania is a community for its' members

How to Leave a Comment

  1. To "comment", simply review the article and then scroll down to the bottom where it says "Leave a comment"
  2. Prior to making your comment, you will have two choices
    • "Post Anonymously" - which means you don't need an account to post comments. Simply enter any name, a comment, and then submit
    • "Login to post from your user account" - this means if you already have a username and password you can login or you can set up an account to join the community, then comment and submit
  3. It's that easy and people really enjoy reviewing your ideas
  4. All commnets will be reviewed within 24 hours for safe content before publishing.

Thanks again and please if you have any suggestions to help all of us, please let us know!