Resto-mod Mini | Ep. 2


Hey everybody, Cole here with Classic Mini DIY and on today's episode we are getting started we're going to start stripping the mini and get it over to the paint shop. More specifically to get it over to the sand blaster.  

Very very exciting stuff and all of that is a backdrop to what is about to happen.

Now the last two episodes were a lot of talking so I'm not going to do a lot in this video. We're going to get straight into the work and I'm going to show you guys what it takes to tear down a mini in five days

Now stripping down a car is not that complicated. It's actually much simpler than putting one back together as you guys probably can imagine. 

So for this episode I'm going to focus on getting the work done which means that I'm not going to be showing or explaining a whole lot of what I'm doing at least not in the same way that you're probably used to and hopefully you guys enjoy the project and getting everything torn down.

So let's get going.

All right, so we are jumping ahead just a little bit here because it has been about four days since we started the tear down of this classic mini and I needed to buckle down and get some work done on that.

 I edit this video and trimmed it out get the interesting bits in there and now we are on the way up to skin and bones performance.

I'm now I actually started trying to pull up the sound deadening that was in the car. I had installed sound deadening over the years and it was very effective but it also does not want to come out. I tried the dry ice method, I tried soaking it in acetone, I tried all sorts of different things. I think that I'm going to leave it to the pros, I know it's probably going to be a little bit more money but I'll get somebody who knows how to do it to actually take that sound deadening off but they are going to strip down the mini all the way down to bare metal.

We're going to find all the rust spots on it, we're going to find all the holes in it and we're going to have to fix those.

Once those are fixed the car and the shell is going to come back to my house so I can start planning out the wiring and planning out how everything is going to lay out on the inside of the car.

Normally that step where it comes back to me might not be necessary so if you're building out one of these cars yourself and you're using a factory loom you might not necessarily need to do that but since I'm doing a fully custom loom I'm doing a whole bunch of custom setup and everything. I want to make sure that it's done right the first time and when I cut those holes I'm not cutting into brand new paint, I'm actually cutting into primer and then that can be reprimed and then everything gets painted all at once.

So next time you guys see me I have the car back from the sand blasters so we can start mocking things up, cutting holes, doing all sorts of crazy fun stuff. But be patient with me because it's going to be a little bit before we get that all set up and in a place where I can film but I'm looking forward to it.

So to officially wrap us up here you guys know the drill until I see you on the next one. Enjoy those minis and motor on.

To watch the original video, please go to Classic Mini DIY Goodbye Bad Wolf - Resto-mod Mini | Ep. 2