Replacement OEM and Aftermarket Spark Plugs for MINI Cooper F60 Countryman (2017+)

Spark plug technology has come a long ways and the modern plugs last a lot longer than in the past.  However, they DO wear down and can impact your engine's efficiency. 


The factory might recommend a 100,000 mile interval for replacements but most MINI owners replace them much sooner. 


Since a worn spark plug can affect your fuel efficiency, we recommend you inspect them regularly and replace when they start to show signs of wear.


ALWAYS torque the spark plugs to the proper torque setting:

  • 23 +3 Nm or 16.9 +2 ft-lbs (unlubricated).


F-Series (F54, F55, F56, F57 and F60) spark plugs are a M12 bi-hex double precious metal type with an iridium tip on the center electrode and a platinum chip on the ground electrode. These plugs also feature an extended insulator and a cup shaped terminal. 

And as the F-Series spark plugs are located at the bottom of a deep well - this requires special 'extended' spark plug sockets.  The spark plugs are Bi-Hex so a standard hex socket will not work


Take a look at the Spark Plug Socket we have below to see what you will need.  We also recommend the use of 'locking extensions' so the socket does not get stuck on the plugs.


Spark Plugs


B36/B38 Engine


B46/B48 Engine

What's the Difference in Aftermarket and OEM Spark Plugs?

There are many benefits to using OEM spark plugs, including:

  • Longer service life
  • Greater spark plug efficiency
  • Greater energy with ignition sparks
  • Higher wear resistance
  • Better resistance to chemicals in the combustion chamber
  • Greater resistance to material erosion
  • Perfect flame dispersion front on all sides

often time, aftermarket plugs are from the same manufacturer as the OEM (Factory Original Replacement part), they just don't carry the MINI Cooper official brand.  (This is specially true with Mini Mania's Aftermarket Spark Plugs.)

Either way... we promise you're getting the best MINI Cooper Spark Plugs for sale on the market.