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Mini Cooper-S Up-rated Air to Air Intercooler Fitting Instructions.

Tools required = ¼ Drive Socket Set with Torx bits.
Screwdriver set.
Before commencing any work ensure that your work area is free from risk of injury, any personal protective equipment is available and that measures have been taken to ensure that the vehicle engine cannot be inadvertently started.
Raise bonnet to allow access to Intercooler, we suggest the engine has been allowed to cool before any work is carried out on the vehicle.

MINI Cooper inner air duct 

You will need to remove the inner Air
duct from inside the bonnet. This is
achieved by removing the two small
nuts and washers which secure both
the external Air Scoop and the inner
Air duct to the bonnet (hood). These
are located to the rear of the plastic

You will also need to remove the two self-tapping screws that secure the back edge of the inner Air duct to the underside of the bonnet. Once the under bonnet (hood) air duct has been removed it is necessary to re
secure the external Air scoop back onto the bonnet with the two nuts and washers that you removed earlier. It is important that the inner air duct is removed before fitting of the up
rated Air-to-Air intercooler is completed, failure to remove the duct will cause damage to the Intercooler and bodywork. Forge Motorsport will accept no liability in the case of damaged bonnet/hood if this is not adhered to.

Stock Mini Cooper S Intercooler

You are now ready to remove the standard intercooler, taking care not to
allow any foreign bodies to fall into the exposed pipe work. Remove the outer
Plastic Intercooler guard by removing the fourTorx bolts.

Intercooler support brackets

Now remove all of the steel support brackets from around the

Intercooler removal

Remove three of the four clamps that secure the rubber-convoluted hoses,
and then remove the Intercooler.

Final removal of stock intercooler

The stock intercooler can now be removed.

Steel bracket removal

Remove the two steel brackets from the top of the Engine that used to secure
the original intercooler.

You are now ready to fit your Up-rated Air to Air Intercooler, care should be taken not to damage the rubber convoluted intercooler pipes when re fitting them.
Insert the left hand intercooler pipe into the rubber-convoluted pipe first, then fit the Right hand pipe onto the other end of the Intercooler.

Installation of new intercooler

Gently lower the Intercooler down onto the other pipe whilst feeding the other end of the rubber pipe onto the cast inlet pipe. Do not use a screwdriver to fit the rubber pipes
as they are easily damaged.  Before securing the clamps ensure that the convoluted pipes are located correctly. Re-use the original Intercooler bolts to fix down the two front
mountings on the up-rated intercooler as per the arrows in the picture below. Tighten all the clamps, check all fittings and remove all tools from the engine
bay . We now suggest that the bonnet (hood) is lowered slowly paying particular attention to the intercooler and under bonnet clearances. On earlier models
the under bonnet (hood) sound deadening material is quite thick and may require trimming if it comes into contact with the intercooler as the bonnet
(hood) is closed.

Congratulations on your purchase and installation. You can now enjoy the benefits of your Forge Intercooler.