Maniflow Exhaust manifoldsManflow have a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing exhaust systems and parts for a whole host of vehicles. We pride ourselves in the manufacture of race-specification exhaust systems for modern cars and historic vehicles.

Dave Dorrington (founder of Maniflow) Joined the renowned Downton in December 1962, and stayed until January 1971, when he left to start Maniflow. David started behind a furniture shop in Water lane in the centre of Salisbury, and originally rented a room to Brian Slark of Slark Race Engineering, who specialised in performance heads and tuning and was also apprenticed at Downton. Both businesses took off and had to find bigger premises. Maniflow have designed and manufactured manifolds and exhausts for many racers, including BRM, as well as being involved with Roger Penske.

Maniflow supply exhaust systems for classic mini and a-series engined cars. Maniflow have developed a wealth of experience over 33 years of business (since 1971), and have pioneered development of exhaust systems for the mini, including the following models:

Mini 1275 + large bore 3-1, mini 850/1000 LCB, mini 850/1000/COOPER/S/1275GT - LCB/MEGAPHONE, mini 1000/1275/1400 large bore lcb (CAN BE SUPPLIED HIGHER), mini 1000/1275/1400 large bore/ LCB stage 3 + Y piece Miglia, Mini 8 port 4-2-1, Mini 850/1000/1100 1275GT small bore lcb, Mini 850/1000/1100 1275GT Magic Pipe, Mini 850/1000/1100/ COOPER/ FREEFLOW/ 3 branch, mini 850/1000/1275 - medium 3-1, mini 850/1000/1275 stage 2 LCB, MINI 850/1000/1275/S - SMALL BORE 3-1, MINI 998/1000/1275 - van/estate, mini cooper injection 13i lcb, Mini Cooper/S Medium bore LCB, MINI/COOPER - CARBURETTOR - 1,3c LCB, Mini/innocenti - 850/1000/1100/ - 1275 GT - COOPER S LCB, mini/turbo road, ALLOY TORQUE MASTER, Y-flow fabricated inlets.

We also stock a vareity of sundries, including: Megaphone (old type), mini system fitting kits, race side pipes and y-piece lcb's.

We supply classic road and competition hi flow components, from exhaust manifolds, to single box exhaust systems and twin box exhaust systems. We also supply individual components for classic road and competition hi-flow systems, such as links pipe, front pipe and front pipe/front box components.

We supply DTM rear boxes in either single tail pipe or twin tail pipe configuration, hi-flow rear boxes in single tail pipe or wtin tail pipe configuration or mega rear boxes in single tail pipe or twin tail pipe configuration.