Mini Cooper License Plate Holder

For MINI owners living in areas that require the front license plate and don't want to drill holes in the front bumper, these License Plate Holders are your answer.  These are alternatives to the factory brackets that gets screwed into the bumper.

Using the front tow hook mounting hole, these holders allow you to attach the front plate without additional mounting holes.

Two manufactures supply their versions of the same solution:

  • The Platypus License Plate Holder
  • 'No Holes' License Plate Holder

What's the difference between this 'PLATYPUS' unit and the 'No Holes' unit?

We get this question asked a lot - functionally, they both work very well. Many people make their selection based on their personal preference for the material and finish, but here are some highlights to help you decide:


  • Powder coated Black
  • Fewer pieces to assemble
  • Different part numbers for different models


  • Stainless steel construction
  • More pieces allows different vertical positioning
  • Uses spacers & washers to fit different models

Either way, they are both great products!

Mini Cooper License Holder Application Guide

HARDTOP R50 & R53 2002-2006  G2NMX7307 NMA2501
CONVERTIBLE R52 2005-2008  G2NMX7307 NMA2501
HARDTOP R56  2007-2010  G2NMX7307 NMA2501
2011-2013  G2NMX7308
CLUBMAN R55  2008-2010  G2NMX7307 NMA2501
2011-2014  G2NMX7308
CONVERTIBLE R57  2009-2010  G2NMX7307 NMA2501
2011-2015  G2NMX7308
COUPE R58 2012-2015  G2NMX7308 NMA2501
ROADSTER R59 2012-2015  G2NMX7308 NMA2501
COUNTRYMAN R60 2011-2016  G2NMX7309 G2NMA2510
PACEMAN R61 2011-2016  G2NMX7309
HARDTOP F56 2014+  G3NMX7300 G3NMX2500
HARDTOP F55 4-DOOR 2015+  G3NMX7300