Mini Mania Crankcase Ventilation Kit, C-2A265

Read all instructions thoroughly and check parts list before starting

This kit provides an internally baffled housing which enables the fuel pump port on the engine block to be used to vent the crankcase. The kit also includes fasteners and gaskets to mount the fitting but does not include a hose fitting and hose.

The fitting is tapped to accept a 3/8-18 NPT fitting. Fuel/emission hose of 5/8" ID is recommended and clear plastic tubing is readily available, but an equivalent size AN line can, of course be used. Whichever type of line is used, it is important that the line running between the fitting and its destination (air cleaner, catch tank, etc.) not form a loop or "sump" below the level of the fitting you've installed. If this happens, oil can accumulate in that loop and be blown out as liquid by crankcase pressure. As you might imagine, this could make a mess of things under the hood.

This kit may be used with any "A" series engine having an engine block with provision for a mechanical fuel pump.

We further recommend that some sort of "catch tank" be installed for the hose to drain to. This tank is need not be anything special, an old radiator overflow bottle or a second window washer bottle would be ideal. They are generally mounted on the firewall or some other appropriate location which allows it to be easily emptied. The tank should be vented so that no pressure buildup is possible.


Afix a 2A113 gasket to each face of the 3A0012 Vent Housing. The use of a contact-type sealer such as "Gaskecinch" (available through Mini Mania) is recommended.

Remove the fuel pump blanking plate and retain. Remove the two attaching studs from the block and remove old gasket and residue from both the blockand plate.

Position the plate over the face of the housing having a rectangular cutout and attach this combination to the block with the fasteners provided. Refer to the illustration.

Install your choice of hose fitting in the housing using (preferably) Teflon thread sealer, attach the hose and complete the plumbing.


Parts List for Breather Kit (C-2A265)

Item               Part No.               Description         Qty/kit

1. 3A0012    - Vent Housing                                           1                        
2. 12G3494  - Gasket, fuel pump                                   2                        
3. HC0518   - Bolt, 5/16-18 x 2.25" gr5                          2                        
4. WL2051   - Lockwasher, 5/16"                                    2