Our 10 Most Viewed Classic Mini Related Videos on Youtube

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In between all of our time spent helping our customers, packing parts and spreading Mini love on social media our team finds time to make videos that will help our fellow enthusiasts with rebuilds, restoration, installs, performance upgrades and more.  We invite you to join our 13,000+ subscribers, after all we make these videos for you. 

Do you have a video idea you would like to see?  Something you'd like to learn or even tips you'd like to share?  Let us know by sending us an email.  If we end up using your idea, we'll be sure to give you props both in the video and and description!  Questions?  Call us at 1-800-946-2642.

In the meantime, check out these 10 Most Watched Classic Mini related videos on our channel, starting at #10 and counting down to #1.

10. Classic Mini Engine Shop-Stock, Performance, Competition

Performance and Competition have been part of our DNA at Mini Mania, since 1974.  We are still are and have been for 20 years, the Internet's best resource when it comes to Engine Builds or Pre-Owned Engines for your Classic Mini.

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9.  Aftermarket, Space-Saving Heater for Classic Minis

This is the 24A1898-N heater from Mini Mania. It is a lightweight replacement heater for the classic Mini. This heater is ideally suited to vehicles where light weight and compactness are of the utmost importance without sacrificing heat output. The light-weight heater uses a powerful, space saving axial fan coupled with an efficient copper heater matrix to offer heating performance normally delivered by units twice its size!

This heater is in a class of its own in terms of output for size, build quality and cost. This heater is perfect for mounting in early Minis that were supplied without a heater or cars which need replacements as the factory heaters have been unavailable for years.

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8. High/Low Suspension Upgrade

In this video we replace a classic Mini rear stock suspension (trumpet & rubber cone) with a high/low spring set.  Watch part 2 for installation of trailing arm, high/low spring set and brakes in rear subframe.

Watch Part 2 of High/Low Suspension Upgrade
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7. Classic Mini Idler Gear - Setting The End Float

Our engine & transmission builder, Tony, demonstrates how to set the idler gear end float.  We always appreciate it when Tony shares his knowledge...thanks Tony!

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6. Classic Mini Differential Rebuild

Tony is also the star of our next video.  This is the first part of a two part how-to on rebuilding the classic Mini differential.  You're welcome.

Watch Part 2 of Classic Mini Differential Rebuild

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5.  Fitting the Pistons, Camshaft & Oil Pump in a 1275 A+ Block

In this video how-to, Mini Mania's engine tech superstar Tony Gambirasi, explains the proper way to install piston rings, pistons, the camshaft and lifters and the oil pump in a 1275cc A+ engine block.  Order an engine and as a bonus you can have his autograph.

4.  Setting the Cam Timing on a 1275 A+ Block

Part 1 of 2 with you-know-who teaching us how to set the cam timing on a 1275 A+ Block.

Watch Part 2 of Setting the cam Timing on a 1275 A+ Block

3. Classic Mini Gearbox Rebuild

In this video, Mini Mania's Tony Gambirasi takes you through the steps to rebuild the 4-speed remote gearbox for the classic Mini. Instead of searching for hard to find pre-A+ gears for use in the rebuild, Tony shows you how to use the 3-step layshaft and easier to find A+ gear set in a remote gearbox case.

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2. Fitting the Crankshaft and Checking the Endfloat on A+ Block

Need we say more?  The title of this video says it all.

1.  Windscreen Removal and Install on a Classic Mini

This is Dennis Racine replacing a front windscreen (windshield) on a classic Mini Clubman.

List of parts used in this video:

All of these items are available from Mini Mania The headliner for this car is also available under part number HL3012A.

And that concludes our list of the 10 most viewed videos on our youtube channel.  We hope to see you over there...subscribe now.