I Love my new Mini. It was on my wish list for years. After a bout with early stage breast cancer a few years ago, we realized no one has a lock on tomorrow. My special ordered Mini checked off a big item on my bucket list and I could not be more thrilled. It brings me so much joy just to drive it. My husband and children laugh when I tell them next on the bucket list is to "Slay the Dragon". They say they never saw that coming when I ordered the car. Hey you only live ONCE!

Mom & the MINI Mother's Day Contest WINNER - Mini Mania Inc.

How my Mini helps me be a better Mom- Top 5 reasons:

1.My Mini helps me impress upon my children that I may still have that "COOL" factor after all.
I accidentally had the ambient colored lighting cycling while driving my college age son.
He turned to me and said "Mom this is like a party car!"
 - Okay that was fun & "cool" too.

2. My Mini helps me arrive QUICKLY before the bank's closing time to deposit money so they will not be overdrawn at college and disaster strikes.

3.My Mini helps me set the EXAMPLE that saving money on gas can a prudent and so much fun.

4. My Mini helps me deliver their forgotten items to school IN STYLE. I was told the car looked like a punk rock Mini - not the look I was going for, but I can live with it if it makes them happy.

5. My Mini helps me keep the SECRET that I am not really a Super Mom that can calmly handle any sport related injury, emergency room visit, or broken heart by reliably delivering me to the hair dresser.  I keep the hair salon on speed dial to cover the gray so that my children will never know that raising three amazing individuals provided times that scared me to death. Bless you Mini!

Thanks so much for letting me participate with all the wonderful Mini Moms.
Happy Mother's Day to all!