More Minis and the Month of May

    More significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of May…and a few insignificant ones.

Australian Moke
    1969, May. Australian Moke “Mk II” goes into production.

Mk II Australian S
    1969, May. The Australian Mk II version of the Cooper S is introduced at $2,385AUS. At first glance, the bonnet badge and all black interior make the OZ Mk II S seem the same as the English version, but there are many difference; including, the unique to Australia bolt on flares. The rear window, rear quarter windows, back panel and tail lights stayed Mk I style.

Leyland Gets Innos
    1972, May. British Leyland acquires the car production section of Innocenti. Fortunately, the Innos continue on with their “higher class” features.

“Biggest Little City” Hosts
    1973, May. The first Mini Meet in the U.S. was held in Reno, Nevada on the 26th, 27th, and 28th. The official count was 43 paid registrations.

For Better or For Worse?
    1976, May. The front subframes are rubber mounted and the bushing on the rear subframe are enlarged in an attempt to reduce the noise transmitted inside. The change is successful in making the handling worse.

Marketing Advantage
    1986, May. The Advantage limited edition goes on sale for 4,286UKP. It is another marketing ploy based on a City E with a few tennis motif decals on a Diamond White car. Perhaps the most notable thing about the car is the advertisement involving a very short tennis skirt and a little wind.

Work Horse Engine Retires
    1992, May. The 998cc engine, first introduced on the Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet Mk II models in January 1963, is no longer offered. It is replaced with a 1275, non-fuel injected engine as the base model.

Sprite Takes Over City
    1992, May. The latest version of the Mini City is dropped and replaced by the 1.3l (1275) Sprite, another name from the Mini’s past.

Marketing Picks Rio
    1993, May. The Marketing department makes another lame attempt to sell Minis by coming out with the Rio.

Mini 35 Introduced
    1994, May. The Mini 35 was available in England. A grand total of 200 were made. Versions for the Japanese and European markets were available later.

Another Yawner
    1995, May. The Sidewalk went on sale. Around 1,000 were produced. Maybe inspired by The Italian Job?



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