Scenes from Mini Mania's Nevada City Adventure 2006

The weather was beautiful, the ice cream was fantastic, and there were many, many Minis at Mini Mania's annual car show, swap meet, and open house on May 6, 2006. We had our biggest turnout yet, with nearly 100 Minis in attendance from near (Nevada City) and far (Utah and Southern California). We even had attendees from Washington state and Barbados. But they left their Minis at home!

Our thanks to everyone who made the journey! The technical sessions were well attended; a lot of folks learned a lot about the workings of their New and Classic Minis, and had fun in the process.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our pre-registration drawings: Tom Roemer of Auburn and Gary Lucas of San Ramon both won $25 Mini Mania Gift Certificates for registering in advance for attendance at the event and our technical sessions.

New this year was a contest to guess how many Mini Mania antenna balls were contained in an acrylic cylinder. Monica Robb of Sparks, NV, made the best guess of 530 (the actual number was 534) and won a $50 Gift Certificate.

The People's Choice Car Show had winners in three divisions. In the Classic Mini category, Nick Coker of Roseville took the honors with his royal purple 1970 Austin Pickup. Bob Fairman won first place for a truly outstanding paint job on his blue New MINI.

The prize for best "Other Classic British" car was the hot contest of the day. Kevin Sheridan's pristine Bugeye Sprite was a very close second place to Bruce Blair's latest work of art on wheels, the "Wharf Rat" Morris Minor. Kevin's Bugeye was truly splendid, but it is hard to compete with a completely rusted-out convertible Morris with a hula-dancer shower curtain for a ragtop, warning signs for all the interior door panels, and its own palm tree. The Wharf Rat included features such as "Surround Sound Stereo (I listen to the stereos around me)" and "Keyless Entry System (Why lock it)", and "Self Renewing Waterbase OSHA Non-Glare Heavy-Duty Iron Oxide Finish". And a shrunken head.

All our car show winners received a $25 Gift Certificate, and our thanks for making the day special. We'll see you next year!

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