PIAA wheels are warranted against structural manufacturing defects for 3 years from the date of original purchase. This warranty is void if the wheel shows signs of impact damage. This warranty is void if application is not approved by PIAA Corporation, USA as outlined in the published application guide and price sheet. Warranty is void if the wheel is altered in any way (including, but not limited to: disassembly of multi-piece wheels, painting, chroming, polishing, machining, or drilling). Warranty is void if a centering ring system wheel is used without the correct centering ring.

Wheel finish is warranted against manufacturing defects for the following periods.

  • Painted Wheels: 1 Year
  • Polished Wheels: 1 Year
  • Chrome Plated Wheels: 1 Year

This warranty is void if the finish deterioration is caused by outside influences including wheel cleaners, impact damage, improper balance weights, improper mounting, or any other outside influence at the sole discretion of PIAA Corporation, USA.

PIAA Corporation, USA is offering a road hazard warranty for customers in order to help cover the cost of a new wheel when a repair is not possible.

  • Wheels meeting the requirements of this program may be replaced to the customer at a cost of 40% off the current suggested list price.
  • This road hazard program will be available to the original purchaser of the PIAA wheels, and is available as a direct service to PIAA customers.
  • This program is available for two years from the date of original retail purchase.
  • Each return must be issued an RA number in order to be accepted.
  • Any wheel to be claimed under the road hazard program must be returned to PIAA Corporation, USA freight prepaid for processing and must include a copy of the original retail invoice.
  • This road hazard warranty will not cover wheels that are no longer available (i.e. If the customer damages one wheel from a set which is discontinued, a new set cannot be purchased at the 40% discount.)

The mounting and balancing of PIAA wheels should only be undertaken at a PIAA authorized performance tire and wheel center. Only use tires that are designed to fit the diameter and width of the wheel you are mounting. In order to avoid scuffing, tire mounting should only be attempted on a machine that does not touch the wheel. A high-speed dynamic balancer is necessary to achieve perfect balance. Only stick-on weights should be used. The clip-on type may damage the wheel's finish. Only use lug nuts that match the lug seat on the wheel. For mounting wheels on your vehicle follow the procedure in the vehicle owner's manual.

To clean your PIAA wheels use mild soap with cool water on a cold wheel. Do not let brake dust, dirt, and mud build up on the wheel surface, wash your wheels regularly. PIAA wheels are an investment in the performance and image of your vehicle, every effort should be made to protect that investment.