OKADA PROJECTS is known for using totally new innovative methods to solve ignition problems for all spark ignited combustion engines.

Our technology enhances combustion efficiency by accelerating initial flame front growth. This is achieved by amplifying the secondary spark current and spark power through our Plasma Direct discharge coils.

Applications of our Plasma Ignition systems and Coils have proven to be successful in harsh racing and street use under the most demanding conditions.

Numerous extensive dyno tests have shown that our technology works. One of the key elements that we found in our research was the important role of the spark current during the first 100 micro seconds of the spark discharge.

The proprietary technology in our Plasma Direct coils allows us to amplify the spark current by 100%, without generating any additional heat inside the ignition coil. This current increase results in a four times larger spark energy during initial spark discharge.

Benefits of Plasma Direct Coils:
• 2 x secondary spark current gain
• Shorter spark duration
• Longer life for ignition components
• More reliable spark discharge
• Stabilized coil current and voltage
• 100% compatible to OEM electronics
• Easy installation

OKADA PROJECTS designs and manufactures ignition coils and ignition systems for the performance aftermarket.


Plasma Direct Ignition Concept

fig 1
Figure 1


Figure 1 shows our Plasma Direct Coils (PDC)
The extra spark current and spark energy results in:

• Increased engine horsepower
• Increased engine torque
• lower fuel consumption
• lower emissions

Emission Testing
Plasma Direct Coils have been evaluated by EPA / CARB approved emission laboratories and have shown a significant reduction in emissions and fuel consumption during FTP cycle testing. Our application for C.A.R.B. exemption was approved in February 2003.

Engine Cycle Analysis
Effects of Plasma Direct Coils also have been  tested on engine dyno-meters with cycle to cycle analyzing equipment. All test results
show a positive influence on combustion characteristics by our technology. These changes are normally not found by applying different ignition system, unless the spark current increases significantly. Our advanced plasma technology produces a larger volume of radicals within the combustion kernel because of a higher amperage discharge. This results in the following repeatable measurements :

• Decreased Cycle to cycle variations
• Increased peak combustion pressure
• Faster pressure rise time
• Decreased Exhaust Gas Temperature
• Decreased Break Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC)
• More stable flame kernel initiation under lean or rich conditions

All our Plasma Direct Coils go through intensive laboratory and field testing before we release them for the market. Our engineering and quality control division is using specialized testing equipment. Our field testing involves thousands of miles in the hot air of Death Valley and the cold freezing startup conditions in the Alaska winter. Customer feedback also plays an important role in our
product testing.

Our Plasma Direct Coils generate a high frequency multi spark discharge of up to 10 multi sparks during a typical 100 micro second
discharge time.

Figure 2 shows a very typical OEM type spark voltage, measured under load conditions in the laboratory, simulating a typical 4 cycle spark ignited engine.

fig 2
Figure 2

Figure 3 shows the same ignition coil equipped with Plasma Direct technology. The multi spark discharge is clearly visible in this scope pattern.


fig 3
Figure 3


However, much more important than the voltage, is the secondary spark discharge current.


fig 4

The typical OEM style discharge is shown in Figure 4 on a standard ignition coil setup. The secondary spark current reaches a maximum of 63 mA in this example, which is very typical for

today’s automotive ignition systems. In Figure 4 we also see the primary current to be about 6 Ampere max. With a typical winding ratio of 100:1 we receive a calculated secondary current of 6 A / 100 = 60 mA.


fig 5
Figure 5

Figure 5 shows the same ignition coil with Plasma Direct technology installed. The primary current still is about 6 Amperes max but the primary peak to peak current is dramatically increased, resulting in a secondary spark current of over 120 mA. We also see very clearly the multi spark oscillation.

OKADA PROJECTS is specialized in ignition components only. Our engineering department consists of highly trained engineers with over 30 years of experience in automotive ignition and control system. We have the capabilities to design, measure and build almost any complicated ignition component or system. Many parts of our lab instrumentation has been modified for our specific testing and research needs.

Customer Experience

The following is a testimonial from one of our many happy customers that ordered for his Audi TT. This testimonial was grabbed from the internet and the customer was not solicited for this:

OK, the buying experience was very good. Good customer service. Installing them was quite easy. 2 bolts on each coilpack.

After installing it, I reset the ECU and away we go. Before this, I had some misfires on the number 4 coilpack. After installing, I felt no misfires. The car ran perfect. Feels like my car is back. But I expected more....

I took the coils out and check the plugs and sure enough, number 4 plug was completely bent out of shape. The dealer must have bent them on accident.

So I installed my old stock plugs back in the car (the bent plug was the iridium plugs) and reseted the computer again. I was amazed that the car ran ok with a bent plug using these coilpacks. After about 5 minutes of driving, WOW! A sudden rush of power. Feels like a whole new car again. Maybe it was because I was running on 1 bad plug that it made such a difference. Who knows. But one thing is for sure. My gas mileage went up BIG time. I had the misfortune of letting my father drive my car and him running out of gas on it.

Went to save him and found the car with 515miles on it before totally running out. I normally get 360, maybe 410miles tops. Conclusion....I can tell these thing give alot more spark power over stock. Even on a broken sparkplug it was able to run normal. The thing that amazed me is the gas mileage it saved. I'm currently on my 2nd gas tank and is only 1/4down and at 150 miles. We will see the outcome of it after the way "I" drive it. Is it worth the 500+ dollars? Yes! It almost pays itself back in the ”long run :)