This kit is suitable for all hydrolastic Mini s. It can be fitted onto dry suspension cars to give improved handling characteristics during motor sport events, provided the rear radius arms are changed to accommodate them. Relocate brake flexible hole by clamping under the arm using a suitable jubilee clip. Chisel off anchor rivets and finish grind flat. Drill and tap a 5/16" UNC hole in the boss where the brake pipe anchor used to be. Bolt bracket down with the bump stop mounting boss on the hub side of the mounting point.

Remove the existing bump stop rubbers from the arms, clamp the new brackets into a vice and fit the larger bump rubbers. The use of soft soap will ease this operation.

When fitted, ensure there is sufficient clearance between the bump rubber and side body flange. If necessary, dress back this flange. On full bump the rubber must strike a flat surface.

    AHH9158       Bump rubber                (x 2)
    C-21A1895    Mounting plate R/H    (x 1)
    C-21A1896    Mounting plate L/H      (x 1)