Customer comments from MINI owners with the Quicksilver Exhaust system:

Mini Cooper S (Turbo) R56 - Michael - Denmark
Just installed the Mini Cooper S (turbo) QuickSilver exhaust, the customer have an ear to ear smile now that I only see after I have them on track for the first time.
I must say for the Mini R56, this doesn´t come any better, the quality is brilliant, little over 30 minute fitting, from the lift went up, and the performance gain is fantastic.
Sound ???     Doesn´t get any better either :-)
Very nice craftsmanship, and the fitting was so perfect it was really a walk in the park to install, so who ever is responsable for that say thanks from scandinavia :-)
Michael  -  Racetech Denmark

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – Jason - USA
I just installed the Sport exhaust for my 2008 Mini Cooper S.    The sound is Awesome!!! .
Very deep and throaty at low RPM's and gets a bit higher pitched after 4500 RPMs.
NO droning at all at cruise speeds such as 45 or is great!!!
You can really hear the turbo spooling up to redline now, pulls much faster and stronger, and revs faster as well.
There maybe something about that 30+hp, I can really understand it being possible since it Does eliminate both the resonator and one Cat. 
Very happy!! and very simple install!!

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust (R53) – Nuno - Portugal
Happy New Year!
Just to let you know that I received a very positive feed back from TECNAUTO.
It fits perfectly in this car and the quality is second to none.
The car was not dyno tested yet because TECNAUTO is doing other mods (Supercharger and Crank Pulleys, Ignition coil and annual inspection).
Please accept my congratulations.
Best regards

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust (R53) – Simon - UK
The exhaust arrived today.
I’m more than pleased with my purchase, its top quality and looks superb.

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust (R56 Turbo) – Patrick - Singapore
Good Day!
Recently just installed the QuickSilver Mini Turbo, the sound is fabulous.

Mini Cooper Sports Exhaust – Leo – UK
Just received the system, Top Notch!

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – Craig - USA
Man, this is amazing, the R56 Turbo exhaust was shipped just this past Thursday and it arrived here today (2 business days) from the UK!!
All I can say is WOW, this thing is purely a work of art. I can honestly say this is the nicest looking exhaust I have ever had for any of my 4 Mini's which include the Alta, Milltek, Supertrapp and JCW exhausts. Now, lets just hope it sounds/performs as good as it looks. ;-) The best part for me so far is that it weighs in at an extremely light weight of 19-20 pounds on my bathroom scale(thats as light as my R53 Supertrapp systems last season.
OK, now on to the tips. They look great! They have a slight upward angle towards the end that I would guess will look great on the R56, we will see shortly. ;-) Also, one other thing that is unique, the part that hooks into the cat is slightly flexible to allow for an easy install it appears, so, that will be really nice I would guess since it will be a bit easier to get proper fitment unlike some other exhausts I have had on my 1st gen Mini.
The install could literally be done within 20 minutes easily. I was amazed at how well everything fit, the tips fit absolutely flawless.
Thumbs up to Quicksilver on the flawless design!!!

Mini Cooper S (new 2007 Turbo model) Cat Back Sports Exhaust – Tom – UK
Thanks again!

Mini Cooper S Racing Exhaust – Taylor – UK
SuperSports System
Thought I’d post an update after fitting my Quicksilver.

Anyway as for fitting the Quicksilver - Wow how easy was that!
Bolted everything together and in place by hand; made a few adjustments so everything lined up well and then went through to tighten it all up!

Then was the bit I wasn't sure about........turning the key and hearing the tone!

What a treat I was in for - really surprised and happy with the tone.
I was told the QuickSilver wasn’t very loud so I was a bit worried about it as I’d not heard one but it’s just spot on – it’s certainly not overly loud on the inside or the outside.
It's spot on when I start it up (real grunt!) and not too loud when driving around but certainly does add some aggression and attracts the odd turned head.
If you really get the right peg down it can make some genuine noise too - the tone is just great!!!

I know they make claims about improved performance but I wasn't expecting anything here but again the car really does seem to shift now.

And finally just to cap it all off the twin oval pipes look the dogs - never been a fan of the standard pipes and that was really my only complaint about the back of my car - this has really sorted it out though; just looks mint!!!

Really, Really impressed with the QuickSilver SuperSport!

Mini Cooper S (2003) Sports Exhaust – Antranik - USA

‘I love the Quicksilver because there was absolutely no drone on the inside while it can scream when pushed and has great burbley sounds.
Thank you for your help’.

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – Lindsey - USA

I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for all of your help.
I received my exhaust today and it looks great.
I actually had my boyfriend adjust it the other day...I think that the pipes towards the beginning of the system were fitted too tightly together. It fits a lot better now,
I am very happy with my purchase.
Thanks again

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – Brad - USA

I installed the exhaust last week.
It does sound very nice and the dual exhaust looks very sweet.
I also wanted to commend you for working with me on this. You have earned a customer for life.
Thank You very much.
Brad Mott (A very satisfied customer)

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – Paul – USA
I was quite surprised to find the 'Supersports' system on my back porch this afternoon!
I very much appreciate your quick service

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – John - USA
Dear Sirs,
About 6 months ago I purchased a Quicksilver header and cat- back exhaust for my Mini Cooper S.
I want everyone to know I have the finest exhaust system known for the Mini Cooper S.
Thank you!

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – Pete – USA

The first system arrived today.
It is very handsome and interesting to say the least!