POWERFLEX bushes are designed, in general, to be fitted by hand by a home mechanic with no special tools. However it is not always possible to remove the old bushes without some hand tools. The following tips will help you to remove the old bushes if they are not simply a push out bush.

1. A blow torch may be necessary to burn the old rubber bush out of the arm
2. Using a tube, a socket and a vice it is often easy to remove an old bush like this.  
3. Some bushes have a metal outer sleeve which will always need to be removed. Push or burn out the old rubber, the outer sleeve is then clear to see (top left picture), then cut the metal outer sleeve along its length with a hacksaw.
Cut until the saw blade becomes tight. This means you have cut through the outer sleeve and the tension has clamped the blade.
4. Bushes with a flange can be chiseled out (especially useful on Escort mk 5, 6, 7).
5. Some more difficult bushes can be removed by drilling through the outer sleeve.

Left picture - drill through the outer sleeve to cut it and relieve the tension
Centre picture - cut only the outer sleeve Right picture - bush will now be easy to cut out