John Unsbee bought a Mini Race car in 1970 to compete in the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Events and regional SCCA events. The 1960 Mini joined forces with his brother Randy to form PURE Minis which stood for Peterman Unsbee racing Enterprises. Bill Peterman was the mechanic and drove the 63 car, a true 1071. He won the 1972 Midwestern Council Sedan 2 Championship.


In early 1975 John retired the car to pursue other interests. He had the motor rebuilt, bought new racing slicks and simply parked the car!


Dennis and I bought the car on October 1 and I made the stupid bold statement that we could get it ready in time for the last Vintage CSRG race of the year on October 31st! Crazy, bold, stupid, egotistical, these are all term that describe the adventure we were about to start.


In the coming weeks I will try to chronicle this story and for sure have lots of pictures and videos of our first race.



More pics of the car here.

Video of the race here.

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