How To Rotate Tires on a Mini Cooper

How do we rotate our tires

This graph shows how you should rotate your tires, based on the rear-wheel drive cars, front-wheel drive cars, and all-wheel drive cars.

NOTE: Tires with a directional tread pattern should NEVER be put on the opposite side from which they were first mounted because that will reverse the direction of the tread. Tires having a directional tread pattern will typically have an arrow on the sidewalls showing the direction in which they should rotate as the car is driven forward.


What is ‘rotating tires’

There’s a difference between rotating tires and ‘rotating tires’. Your tires rotate at all time when you’re driving. We aren’t talking about that rotation. The tire rotation we’re discussing in this article is when you remove your tires and switch each one to a different spot. An example is the front wheels will go to the back and the back wheels will go to the front.

At the end of this article we will show you the correct ways to rotate your tires.

Why we should rotate our tires

The main reason why we rotate our tires is because they wear unevenly. And the rate of wear depends on if your car is front-wheel drive, rear-view drive, or all-wheel drive. The front tires on FWD cars tend to wear faster because they steer, brake, and they carry the weight of the engine and components under the hood.

Benefits of rotating our tires

There are a few main benefits from rotating tires. By rotating your tires you will get better traction and thousands of more miles of use. It will also give you a chance to check the air pressure of your tires and chance to check your brakes.

When should we rotate our tires

You should plan on getting your tires rotated every 3,000- 6,000 miles or 6 months by a mechanic. But if you know how to change your own tires then doing it yourself will be an easy task.

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