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Mini Mania kits are priced to save you money. Get all of the components you need for less than if purchased separately.
Classic Mini Set Of 4 6x10 Inch Wheels & Yokohama 165-70-10 tires

Classic Mini Set Of 4 6x10 Inch Wheels & Yokohama 165-70-10 tires

Classic Mini Set Of 4 6x10 Inch Wheels & Yokohama 165-70-10 tires
Part No: MMKT2102
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
If you are still running 10" wheels on your Mini you probably have thought more than once about those great looking 'Minilite' style wheels - but both the cost and the need to install flares have turned you off. Now is you chance to beat both of the problems: our MWS wheels (WHEEL06) look almost exactly like the original Minilites and are every bit as safe and strong. The advantage is that they are 6" wide (stock "S" was only 4.5") but note that they WILL require small flares to have complete coverage. To top it off, this special offer includes a set of Yokohama A008 tires! Complete set of 4 each wheels and tires; mounting not included.

Mount tires to rim by hand only! Machine mounting will damage the tire and will not be warranted!

Do these rims have lettering that is shown? can a picture be sent? I am looking for 10x6 wheels without any printing/logos
I don't believe these wheels have anything on them. There may be a small "jw" near the rim but that's all I believe. There are stickers for the center caps but you obviously don't need to put those on.
The Kits & Components tab on that kit page shows the items in the kit. Here's the page for the wheels with a better picture:


Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Expert

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