StopTech Brake Pads, Rotors and Big Brake Kits


Big Brake Upgrade kit are not just for MINI Cooper racers!  The benefits for the street MINI Cooper of a big brake upgrade kit are firmer pedal, quicker response time, reduced brake fade and thus much safer driving.  Most people own a MINI Cooper because they are fun to drive, a Big Brake Upgrade from Stoptech simply will increase your fun factor while at the same time keeping you safe.  

A solidly mounted, multi piston caliper as found on this Big Brake Kit form Stoptech will improve one of the several factors that effect stopping distance. From the time you hit the pedal until you get full braking effect from your pads will be decreased with this kit.  And the increased size of the pads and rotors will decrease the effective stopping distance with reduced fade and higher coefficient of friction.

The big brake kit from are designed to maintain the optimum front to rear brake balance to provide the shortest possible stopping distance and will not effect your ABS braking system.