Thank You For Your Loyalty!

The fact is, Mini Mania wouldn't exist without you.  And during these trying times, we're doing all we can to return your loyalty by keeping prices down and shipments flowing.

As you have probably read, more and more airlines are cancelling flights and reducing available flights. Since many of the Classic Mini parts come out of the UK, this has created a challenge for us. And with more and more overseas companies temporarily halting operations, shipping costs are starting to rise.  We have seen air freight costs rise nearly 300% over the past three weeks.  We are navigating the air freight disruption as best we can and working with our contacts not only here in the US but also across the pond in the UK.  

Our purchasing staff is doing a great job in finding ways to get product to us as fast and as economical as possible.   

We want to thank you for being a Mini Mania customer and we trust and pray that you stay well and healthy through this unprecedented time in our lives.