The Origins of SPAX

SPAX has been making suspension for the past 50 years, we are one of the best known manufacturers in the world. Named after aSomerset village called Spaxton.

SPAX were the first company to produce on-car adjustable
dampers and patented the idea.

Manufacturing has been in Jersey, West Midlands, London and in the 1990’s it was moved to Formula 1 country in Oxfordshire
By the 1970’s SPAX was the market leader in performance road car suspension in the UK.

By the mid 1980’s SPAX was the market leader in suspension for racing and rallying also. In the early 1990’s export orders started to grow worldwide.


SPAX are heavily involved with racing at all levels and supplied the land speed record car, Thrust 2. So successful was this project that Thrust SSC chose SPAX to break the land speed record at 771 M.P.H. (1.231 Km/H).

In late 1999 SPAX was sold to new owners. A new factory with modern systems was introduced at a cost of close to £1 million and the production facility was transformed into a world class manufacturing unit.

In 2001, SPAX became one of only a handful of British manufacturers to be granted the German TUV seal of approval for quality – A tribute to all the hard work put in the factory.

SPAX has recently been appointed the official and sole supplier to Cooper for the Mini Cooper Challenge race series.

SPAX Quality
We control quality because we have our own factory with latest kanban techniques. 16 quality inspectors monitor every stage of the production process

Every SPAX manufactured unit is tested on a computer controlled Dynamometer to certify quality and performance
All SPAX manufactured dampers are powder coated and oven baked to guarantee “second to none” quality of finish

Each SPAX manufactured damper is hand built to the same meticulous standards as our motorsport dampers to produce winning performance straight from the box

European components are used to ensure top quality, performance and reliability

Every SPAX product is backed up with a 2 year warranty giving peace of mind (excludes motorsport products)

At 771 mph, you need a quality product you can trust. That is why THRUST SSC chose SPAX to break the Land Speed Record and the Sound Barrier.

10 Reasons to Buy
1. We are all mad……..about performance!. All of the team that works at SPAX are all confirmed petrolheads, whether they are into racing, classics, modified cars or even bikes, everyone is passionate in one way or another and our products and company reflect this.

2. We only make performance suspension for cars, that’s all, we don’t make parts for ships, buses or shopping trolleys, which means that our existence depends upon how well our suspension products perform on your car.

3. We test every kit meticulously before it is launched. SPAX are not just a manufacturer. All of the suspension kits we develop are tested on the cars they were developed for before we start to sell them. In addition, we test every damper on a computer dyno before it leaves the factory.

4. All of our suspension comes from the U.K. Our parts are sourced in mainland Europe. We do not import from Africa, India or any other well-known car-producing region!

5. We are located right in the heart of Formula 1 country. This helps us make sure that we can get the best designed and produced components locally, that all go in to your suspension.

6. We powder coat our products. This is the longest lasting coating available for suspension today.

7. Our spring kits are made of Chrome Silicone, the same as formula 1 and world rally championship vehicles use.

8. We have a wealth of design experience (50 years making suspension) as well as practical performance experience (thousands of race wins, world land speed record holders).

9. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the product. A SPAX product bought today is completely re-designed compared with one bought years ago. You don’t always see the improvements, but they are always happening.

10. Finally, we are German TUV approved. This is possibly the toughest type approval anywhere in the world. It means you get the safest, best produced product available.