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Mini Mania kits are priced to save you money. Get all of the components you need for less than if purchased separately.
Classic Mini Hydrolastic Wet To Dry Conversion With Spax Shocks

Classic Mini Hydrolastic Wet To Dry Conversion With Spax Shocks

Classic Mini Hydrolastic Wet To Dry Conversion With Spax Shocks
Part No: MMKT0900
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
A "wet" Mini is now over 30 years old and has probably developed a few problems with the Hydro system. The really bad news is that replacement parts can be nearly impossible to get and fixing one leak just means the next one will be in a different place! One final solution is to bite the bullet and go "Dry" This conversion kit includes:
(4) FAM3968=Cones (Springs) with Nut
C-AJJ3359=Pair Top Shock mounts, Lowered
(2) C-AJJ3361=Shock Pins, Competition
(2) 158/M12GAS=Rear Shocks, SPAX Adjustable
(2) 158/M11GAS=Front Shocks,SPAX Adjustable
(2) 21A530=Aluminum Struts
(2) 21A1684=Rear Struts, Late Mini
See also kits: MMKT0901, -0902, -0905, -0909
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