SPAX Shock Absorbers - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust my rear telescopic dampers?
There is a knob or a screwdriver adjustment at the bottom of each damper. If you turn the adjuster fully anticlockwise it will be on the lowest setting, then turn the adjuster clockwise - On our newer dampers there will be 28 points of adjustment and on our older dampers 14. You need to count the clicks, as once the maximum damping has been reached, the adjuster will keep turning. Always adjust both dampers an equal number of clicks.


Which way do I put my springs on?
You should always fit them with the writing the correct way up. This will normally be the smaller coils at the top, and the larger coils at the bottom.

Why do my lowered springs rattle?
There could be a number of causes. The bottom part of the spring needs to be located correctly. If the spring is loose or rattles when the wheel is off the ground, then you need shortened dampers.

What should I do with my original bump stops when I fit lowered springs?
You should always keep the original bump stops. If they are not in good condition, replace them.

What should I adjust my wheel alignment to?
The wheel adjustment should be set back to original, unless otherwise advised by SPAX.

Why do I need shortened dampers when I fit lowered springs?
When the car is jacked up or goes over a bump and the damper is fully extended, the spring will not extend to the same length and it may dislocate from its mountings. This is dangerous.

What should the damper adjustment be for my car?
We recommend that everyone sets their damper adjusters to the 1st click to start. This is our softest setting and should be close to what the original dampers were like when fitted to your car when new. From here you can adjust them to suit your driving style. Remember that you should adjust all four dampers the same amount and that you can adjust them stiffer or softer on the car to suit the conditions.

What is “coil over” suspension?
SPAX RSX kits are “coil over” suspension kits. “Coil over” allows you to adjust the spring height and therefore the ride height of the car within a range without having to buy new springs, or take the suspension off of the car.
Why should I buy adjustable suspension instead of non-adjustable sport suspension?
Everybody drives differently, therefore being able to adjust a car to fit how you drive is important. Things like seat and steering wheel adjustment are now common place. Suspension adjustability gives you the option of standard settings, sport settings, fast settings and even track day settings. The non-adjustable suspension is set on sport/fast settings all of the time, which may not suit your driving style every day.

What is Dyno testing?
All SPAX dampers are tested on out computer controlled dyno. Each one is attached to a machine that will simulate the suspension of a car at different speeds. Each damper is tested at the lowest setting and at the hardest setting and a computer graph is generated that is compared with the specification we set for that damper.