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Classic Mini Stub Axle Left Rear Swing Arm Dry Suspension With Shock Mount

Classic Mini Stub Axle Left Rear Swing Arm Dry Suspension With Shock Mount

Classic Mini Stub Axle Left Rear Swing Arm Dry Suspension With Shock Mount
Part No: 2A7364
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Although the axle sticking out of rear swing arm might look as though it is not replacable; it is and often should be! While the swing arm will bend more often than the axle, it does happen. And if you spin your bearing on the axle it will also wear a grove that replacement is the only answer. AND if you are converting from wet to dry suspension then axle replacment could be an easy solution to the lower mounting of the rear shocks!
Note that the threads are different for each side of the car - use the axle with the standard threads on the right side of the car, and the axle with the "backwards" threads (turn left to tighten) on the left side of the car.
I have a 1967 Mini minor with wet suspension and converting it to dry, my question is im swapping out the rear radius arm to a dry radius arm so I can install the shock absorber, when I do the swap a side from the radius arm what else do I need to replace brake lines, handbrake cable etc?
Thanks for asking, when making the swap it is not necessary to swap out the entire rear trailing arm, the stub axle presses into the arm and thus can be replaced with the one used with shocks.   This part https://www.minimania.com/part/2A7364/Classic-Mini-Stub-Axle-Left-Rear-Swing-Arm-Dry-Suspension-With-Shock-Mount will do just that.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION:  Thanks for getting back to me, how hard is to replace? can i do it myself?
ANSWER TO FOLLOW UP:   The axles are pressed in pretty hard ad thus unless you have a hydraulic press I think it best done by a shop.  PS- the other option used by post people making this change is to simply cut off the stub that the return spring attaches to on the rear of the axle and then drill and tap it for a bolt. 
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