This is what you get from Mini Mania’s Engine Shop

When you are looking for an engine for your classic car, make sure you get an engine that works!
Nothing's worse than going back and having to do it again.
That's the philosophy we take in our Mini Mania's Engine Shop. 
Our engines are done right, which means we do more for you and your engine! 

Take our 1275cc Inline Engine for Example

Our 1275cc Inline Engine is a perfect example of exactly what you'll get with our Engine Shop.  Below is the checklist of what you'll get with a Mini Mania engine.

  • 1275cc Inline Engine
    • Can increase to 1380cc upon request
  • High compression (9.75:1) performance pistons in +.020, +.040, or +.060" oversize
  • Aluminum cylinder head suitable for 1.5:1 ratio rocker set and unleaded fuel
  • Fast road camshaft (Elgin 103,  276 degrees duration) and new lifters
  • Lightweight steel duplex timing chain set
  • New water pump, oil pump, rocker-shaft,  and gaskets and seals throughout
  • Reconditioned stock thin harmonic balancer pulley
  • Modern spin-on oil filter assembly
  • Deck the block
  • Recondition Rods
  • New cam bearings
  • Reground crankshaft
  • New oil pressure springs and plungers
  • High Performance engines also include:
    • ARP rod bolts
    • ARP studs (11 vs 9)
  • Test run with coolant to check for leaks 

Make Sure You Get The Best Engine For Your Classic Car

Before you plunk down a chunk of change for a new engine, check around and see what other engine shops will do for you. 
We’re certain once you compare us to them... you’ll come back to our Mini Mania Engine Shop!

Call Mini Mania for details on our custom built engines designed to meet your particular needs.

For more information call our Engine Shop at : 800-946-2642