Read all instructions thoroughly and check kit contents against the Parts List before proceeding!

IMPORTANT! If you have play in the bushing of your existing shocks, you MUST have them rebuilt! The upper arm of the shock is the upper arm of the suspension and must be properly bushed or the front end will never be in proper alignment!

The car must be jacked up and supported by stands. Consult a workshop manual for the proper method. Remember, WORK SAFELY!!

After disassembly, carefully inspect the wishbone forks and refer to figure 3. If they are wider than the dimension shown , remove, rework and re-install loosely.

Lower Attachment

Attach the two 8C0001 Lower Fittings to the lower arm using the long 1/4 bolts, nuts and washers and with the front plate butting against the wishbone fork. Note the orientation of the fittings and the two washers between the fitting and the aft lower arm to accommodate its taper. Tighten bolts only finger tight.

Back off the wishbone fork attach nut. Slip the large diameter washer in the gap between the forward and aft arms where the fitting is attached to prevent collapse of the forward arm when the fitting attach bolts are tightened fully.

Make sure the lower front plate is still against the clevis and tighten the attach bolts to 85 in/lbs. Re-tighten the clevis attach nut.

Connect the lower end of the tube shock to the lower arm with the longer 3/8 bolt, nut, washers and spacer. Note that the 1 OD washer is between the shock and the spacer and that the spacer is forward of both. Tighten shock attach bolt finger tight and loosely secure until the upper attachment is made.

Upper Attachments

Raise the front of the car by the body, support it on stands and remove the front road wheels. Jack the outer end of the lower suspension arm until the lever shock arm is just clear of the rebound stop.

Knock back the ears of the locking plates and undo the four shock attaching bolts. Rotate the shock to remove the lower outboard bolt.

Kit # NDV102MS Parts List

Ref No.   Part No.       Description                              Qty/kit

1            8C0001         Shock Fitting, Lower                     4

2            8C0002         Shock fitting, upper                      2

3            8C0003         Fitting upper, LH                         1

4            8C0004         Fitting upper, RH                         1

5            HF0406         Bolt, 1/4-28 x 0.75 , gr5                4

6            HF0420         Bolt, 1/4-28 x 2.50 , gr5                8

7            HF0620         Bolt, 3/8-24 x 2.50 , gr5                2

8            HF0622         Bolt, 3/8-24 x 2.75 , gr5                2

9            SR1006-06Z   Spacer, 3/8 id x 5/8 od x 0.31        2

10          NP1041         Hex nut, 1/4-28, gr5                     12

11          NP1061         Hex nut, 3/8-24, gr5                      4

12          WS3041       SAE washer, 1/4                          12

13          WS4061       SAE washer, 3/8                          6

14          WF4421       Washer, 1/4 id x 1-1/4 od x 1/16     2

16          WF4601       Washer, 3/8 id x 1 od x 1/16           2

17          WF4641       Washer, 3/8 id x 1-1/2 x 1/16        2

18          WL2041       Split lockwasher, 1/4                    12

19          WL1061       Split lockwasher, 3/8                      4