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Tube Shock Conversion Kit Morris Minor- Use Mini Ft Shocks
Part No: NDV102-MS
Fits the following:
Morris Minor
The basic problems with the Minor's lever shocks are: you have to disassemble the suspension to change them, they don't work well, and they're too expensive! Our easy, bolt-on kit enables you to add modern telescoping shocks to the front of any year Morris Minor. No fabrication talents are required, and when you wear the shocks out you can replace them for about $35 each. Kit includes mounting hardware and instructions. Shocks sold separately, uses Mini front shocks (GSA388 or SPAX equivalent).
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Tube Shock Conversion Kit, NDV102/MD\S
Created: January 30, 2000
The upper arm of the shock is the upper arm of the suspension and must be properly bushed or the front end will never be in proper alignment!
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