Understanding MINI Cooper Tires

What's On The Sidewall of Your MINI's Tires?

If you've wondered what are the letters and numbers on the side of your tires, here's an easy explanation: The numbers and letters are indicators for the size, type, and performance on the tire. 

Tire Example: P215/65R15 95H

Tire Type (ex. P)

When you see a letter "P" at the beginning tells you that this tire is P-Metric. This means that this tire was made to certain standards within the US and the tire is intended for Passenger vehicles.

If you don't see a tire at the beginning this indicates a Euro metric tire. P-metric and Euro metric tires may have different load compacities.

If you're looking for the recommended tire size and inflation pressure for your MINI Cooper, it's best to look at your owners manual.

Tire Width (ex. 215)

The first 3 digit number indicates the tire width. The tire is measured in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. In our example P215/65R15 95H, the number "215" tells us that the tires width is 215 millimeters.

Aspect Ratio (ex. 65)

The 2 digit number after the slash mark indicates the aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is the is the ratio of the height of the tire's cross section to its width. In our example P215/65R15 95H, the number "65" means that the tire height is equal to 65% of the tires width. The bigger the aspect ratio, the bigger the tires sidewall will be.

Construction (ex. R)

The letter "R" in a tires size indicates that the tire is Radial, meaning the layers run radially across the tire. You can see the letter "R" in our example: 215/65R15 95H

Wheel Diameter (ex. 15)

The next 2 digits "15"  indicates the measurement of the wheel from one end to the other. This tells us the size of the wheel that the tire will fit. Based off our example, a  215/65R15 95H  tire is made for a wheel with a 15" diameter.

Load Index (ex. 95)

This indicates the maximun load that the tire can support when properly inflated. The higher the number the greater it's load carrying capacity. In our example, the number "95"  means it's load is 1521 pounds. You can check your MINI's tires maximum weight using this Tire Load Index Chart.

Speed Rating (ex. H)

The speed rating will indicate the max speed capability of a tire. In our example, we have an "H"-speed rating, meaning it has a max speed capability of 130 MPH or 210 KM/H. You can check your MINI's tires maximum speed rating using this Tire Speed Rating Chart.