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Classic Mini Cooper Inlet & Exhaust Manifolds For Injection Cars

MINI Catalog Page 1-10
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Part No



LKB10477 1
Inlet manifold for SPI (single point injection) only
No Longer Available
LKB106930 1
Inlet manifold for MPI (Multi Point injection) only
No Longer Available
LKC10090 1
Exhaust manifold
No Longer Available
TD108051A 3
Stud for manifold to exhaust down pipes
Uses FX108047 nuts
GUG704053MG 1
Manifold gasket reinforced exhaust ports and backing
All Injection engines
TE108071 4
Stud for manifold to throttle body (metric M8)
No Longer Available
GFK3436 2
Manifold 5/16” UNF brass nut outer manifold studs
Use GHF261
GFK1114 2
Plain washer 5/16” for outer manifold studs
Use WU2041
LYH10008 4
Manifold nut with built in washer
10  12G297 2
Sleeve, Inlet manifold to cylinder head
11  LKK10025 1
Heat shield for exhaust manifold
No Longer Available
12  FS106107 3
Screw with flanged head for heat shield (metric M6x10)
No Longer Available
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