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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Inlet & Exhaust Manifolds (except injection)

MINI Catalog Page 1-9
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C-AHT771 1
Inlet manifold with 5/8”water outlets, Cooper with HIF44 carb
Use C-AHT770
C-AHT770 1
Inlet manifold with 1/2”water outlets, Mini Spares product
HIF or HS4 carburettor
CAM1233 1
Adaptor tube, part of CAM6618 only
No Longer Available
CAM6745 1
Exhaust manifold, Cooper with HIF44 carb only 1991/2
No Longer Available
AJM601 1
Manifold gasket
GUG704053MG 1
Manifold gasket with reinforced exhaust ports and backing
Upgrade or injection cars
GUG704063MG 1
Manifold gasket with reinforced exhaust ports
Turbo cars
C-AHT381 1
Manifold gasket with large bore holes for tuned cyl heads
Performance cars
CHS2515 2
Stud 5/16”UNC x 1 15/16” long, carb to manifold
Uses 5/16”unf nut
GFK1114 6
Plain washer 5/16” manifolds to cylinder head
Use WU2041
12A1211 4
Thick washer for four inside studs
GFK3436 6
Brass nut 5/16”unf manifolds to cylinder head
Or as required
51K1177 2
Brass nut 5/16”unf 1”long manifolds to cylinder head
Or as required
12G297 2
Sleeve, inlet port to manifold
When required
GRH905 A/R
Hose 5/8” bore size, sold per foot....was PEH10021
Or as required
Hose 1/2” bore size, sold per foot
Or as required
11  12G3538 1
Inlet and exhaust manifold for HS4 or HIF38 carbs
Use U-12G3538
12  12A1211 4
Thick 5/16” manifold washer 1”wide
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