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Classic Mini Cooper Water Pump and Thermostat from V134455 1275 MPI 96 on

MINI Catalog Page 1-8
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Part No



GWP188 1
Water Pump
MPI only
88G215 1
Gasket for Water Pump
GUG705555GM 1
Gasket for Water Pump Genuine
BH605141 2
Bolt 5/16”UNF x 1 3/4” long
Use HF0514
SH605101 2
Bolt 5/16” unf 11/4” long
Shouldered bolt TAM1178
PEQ100650 1
Thermostat housing-front mounted radiator
MPI only NLA
PEQ100690 1
Thermostat housing Automatic and SPI export
No Longer Available
PEG100030 1
Sandwich plate-front mounted radiator
MPI only
PEG10002 1
Sandwich plate-Automatic and SPI export
GTG101 2
Thermostat and Sandwich plate gasket
GUG705558GM 2
Thermostat and Sandwich plate gasket Genuine
10  DAM7760 3
Bolt, housing and sandwich plate to head
CHS2524 alternative stud
10  C-STR284 1
Bolt set, as above but in stainless steel
11  GTS106 1
Thermostat 190 Degrees
12  PEZ100100 1
Water pump pulley-multi grooved poly V type
13  GFK5179 4
Setscrew 1/4”unf 3/4”long
Alternative SH604041
14  GHF331 4
Spring washer 1/4”
15  PQU100220 1
Tensioner bracket for fanbelt adjustment
No Longer Available
16  PQR10028 1
Fanbelt adjustment pulley
17  WAM3719 1
Nut to hold pulley M8 metric
18  WA108051 1
Plain washer M8 metric can use GHK1114
Use WU2041
19  PQL100090 1
Tensioner adjuster spindle
20  PQU100230 1
Ferrule link for adjuster rod
No Longer Available
21  CDU1145 1
Retainer clip
No Longer Available
22  FB108091 1
Bolt M8 metric 45mm long
No Longer Available
23  GMB50920 1
Fanbelt when no compressor for air conditioner
23  GMB51005 1
Fanbelt when compressor for air conditioner fitted
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