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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper Coil, Vacuum Control Pipes, Ignition Cables & Shields

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Classic Mini Cooper Coil, Vacuum Control Pipes, Ignition Cables & Shields

MINI Catalog Page 10-5
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Part No



  8B12397 1
Coil Bracket Stainless Steel
Not Shown
  ELE3066-S 1
RetroSport Aluminum Coil Brackets
4 Colors Available, Not Shown
  8B12398 1
Coil Cover And Bracket, Stainless Steel
Not Shown
  U-12G2994 1
Used Factory Bracket
Not Shown
VAC001 1
Vacuum plastic pipe
12B2062 2
Angled connector
12B2095 1
Straight connector neoprene
ACH9041 A/R
Straight original connector, rubber
(Old metal pipe)
DLB101 1
Ignition coil, genuine Lucas
DLB105 1
Lucas Sports Coil
00-012 1
Ignition coil, Bosch "Blue"
GCL111 1
Ignition coil, ballasted
GCL143 1
Electronic ignition coil
1989 on ERA/Cooper
GCL143 1
Ballast coil
1990 on
8G727 1
Rubber coil cover
12H3244 1
Sealing cover for coil
No Longer Available
SUP4 1
Copper ignition wire set
Use LHT753
LHT753 1
Silicone Ignition wire set, Lucas
Silicone Ignition wire set
GHT241 1
Ignition lead set, Turbo Metro
C-27H7779 1
Silicon hi-performance lead set, 8MM
10  GDS101 1
Ignition shield kit large
No Longer Available
11  13H6461 3
Shield turn button kit
12  GDS102 1
Ignition shield kit, small
No Longer Available
12  BHM773 1
Ignition shield kit, was GDS107
No Longer Available
13  AUU1104 1
Distributor plastic bag cover
No Longer Available
14  8G726 1
Early side entry cap rubber cover, CWE
For GDC102
15  MAQ10002 1
Switch, in thermostat, direct for feed from vacuum unit
1992 on
16  MAW10001 1
Seal for vacuum switch
1992 on
17  12G2994 1
Coil bracket, when alternator equipped
17  12G2994SS 1
Stainless Steel Coil Bracket
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